Jenny Ryan

Regional Manager | New Zealand + Queensland, Australia

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“David provided strength finder group analysis as well as individual deep dives with individual coaching. He worked with us in a group setting really bringing how we connected as a group, and how our strengths played together to create a diverse and unique environment of strengths.  

We learnt how our strengths showed when we felt powerful, and at times where they can play against us.  It was incredibly empowering to be able to see ourselves and how we perceived a situation or a decision based on our strengths.  

David was amazing at connecting at group level, engaging us all as a team and allowing time for us to process and see the value in all our strengths to the group and our lives. His curiosity kept the conversation moving forward and allowed us the space to share confidently in front of our peers + team.  

As a team, we refer back to our conversations with David all the time. It has impacted how we see our leadership, and the role we play with each other conversation, coaching and support. I highly recommend David as a coach, knowing that I will continue to seek his coaching after first hand seeing the impact it has created on my team."

A different world cannot be built by indifferent people.
— Peter Marshall

Alexander O’Connor


I found working with David very helpful to identify and go into more depth about my 5 key strengths. Knowing, talking and working through each of these individual strengths really highlighted to me what path I want to take my career. David was very trustworthy, understanding, helpful, knowledgeable and committed to working with and for me in this process.

Katie Quinney


Attending the COMPASS workshop and committing time to understanding my values, strengths and what I stand for provided clarity to me about my direction. David facilitates with focus and flexibility allowing everyone to get what they need from the session. Having assurance and depth about what I want to contribute allowed me to express myself with authenticity in my recent successful job interview.

Louise Miles


As a StrengthsFinder® consultant, David brings to the table a broad set of skills that he has developed over the years in the business world. David’s attention to detail, analytical abilities, his warm, friendly personality and his genuine interest in who I am as a person, was evident in our consultation. David has a great compassion to help people realise their full potential. 

I had complete confidence in the way that David logically helped me understand my strengths, how I can own them and think of ways to extend my talents effectively in my workplace and personal life. The fact that we are all individuals and there is no one else like me, is a message that David firmly believes, and makes me realise that my potential and strengths are unique.

Rhodora Palomar-Fresnedi


Sometimes, it takes only one person who believes in your talents and paves the path to your best self to make a mark in a career different from where you started. David, the consummate professional, was that one person for me. He saw my uniqueness long before I embraced it myself.

Rachel Allan, 25


David’s authentic nature allows me to be completely myself, he taught me to be vulnerable and real and how to lead with my heart as well my head.

He saw my potential, identified my strengths and believed in me long before I believed in myself. Having someone like David invest so much of their time and energy to help me succeed, and continue to take such pride in my achievements is an incredible gift.

David is a passionate and effective advocate for those whose voices need help to be heard. He often seeks out my thoughts or perspective and I always feel valued and listened to.

I can count on David to give me his honest opinion and to deliver it to me in a way which is positive, constructive and useful.

His huge heart means he genuinely cares about people. I am grateful I have a support person as proud and passionate as David, as he continues to support me through whatever challenge I am facing or choose to take on next.

Daniel Harrison


I have known David for over five years now, over this period of time he has been interested in my career progression and personal development.

He has worked alongside myself in a mentor role, supporting positive change and encouraging growth in a variety of areas.

Through his mentor role, David has been willing to stay in touch when needed and offer advice. He has been a fantastic person to deal with in relation to career planning and general life planning for myself.

David recently coached me around my StrengthsFinder® TOP 5 strengths. I have found this process valuable in understanding how these strengths apply in my career and in relation to the engagement I have with others.

Jacqueline Yew


David was my first boss in Unilever. I can say that he saw more of the talent in me than I knew it in myself. Over my 17-year career with Unilever, as I grew from a non-manager to VP HR, he is always the mentor I turned to at each difficult corner of my career. Thank you, David, for being there for me! I am where I am today because of you.

Haley Thomas


David has ways of lighting that fire in you and making you realise your passions. In our conversations, he would always ask me the right questions ensuring that I continued to challenge myself and I stayed true to my core values in all that I do.

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”
— Jane Goodall