We’re stronger together. We appreciate the following collaborations that have already proven themselves as talented and ethical partners in the first year of more of me. Even more is possible when we each share our more!

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Strengths Network South Pacific

The Strengths Network South Pacific is an independent organisation that exists to develop teams and individuals using StrengthsFinder ®. The Strengths Network was established in 2006 as a client of Gallup® to:

  • provide Clifton StrengthsFinder® coaching for individuals and teams.
  • train, support and resource Strengths Network accredited coaches.
  • create opportunities for members of the Network to connect.
  • to promote connection to the Gallup Organization for Strengths Network Accredited coaches

The network is made up of accredited Strengths Network coaches whose common mission is to actively work together towards the Strengths revolution in the South Pacific.


The Balance Project

The Balance Project is collaborative and creative co-working space where people can pursue their work, passions, and ideas. A unique space situated in the heart of St Heliers. It’s designed to attract innovators, thinkers, and creators. It is our vision to create an environment where motivated members come together to grow themselves, their business, and each other.

We believe that inspiration comes from the space you inhabit. Plant yourself in a beautiful space and you cultivate, you create, you develop work with purpose. We provide a space for those who need time, space, collaboration, in a kind, creative environment to create work, form ideas and thrive.