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What's more of me about?

At more of me, we help people to see, appreciate, then realise more of their possibilities.

Our approach uses a mix of coaching and personal development tools and exercises to help you access more fully what we term their range of authenticity. To be able to see all that you can be, while still remaining unique, true and genuine.

We support our clients to ask and answer the deep, fundamental questions. Firstly, to consider and explore “Who am I?” and then to decide “Who am I becoming?”


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Once empowered by insight and directed by intention, you will surface valid opportunities and improve your personal impact and sense of well-being. The experience will not only benefit you, but also the people around you. 

To find that rewarding place, is to find your more.

Now, it’s over to you!

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More core

Your strength from the inside out.

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More outcomes

Thriving while you explore.

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More shared

More becomes much more when shared.


How does it work?

More of me is about you and it’s in your control. We believe in our model and we believe in your ability to grow and be more.

It’s not our life. It’s yours. We get that. But we think we can help. We offer you choice in how you can access our services. An authentic outcome is vital to us, and for this reason we recommend you use our more map template to create a totally personalised solution. Our free ‘checking in’ questionnaire will help you with that, too.

For individuals, we provide three service options:

  • One-on-one coaching (in person or via skype); and/or 
  • Self-completion home exercises; and/or
  • Participation in small group public workshops

For details on each service, see here:

More of you. It’s possible!

More of us

The compounding benefits of individuals at their best united around a common interest.

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