David L Pearce

David L Pearce

David L Pearce

To say that I’m excited about more of me would be an understatement. It ticks all my boxes and rings my bells!

Over the past year, I’ve invested a considerable amount of time and energy exploring my own more map. Every process and sub-process of the more of me model, I first applied to myself. So, here I am after a thorough study of myself.

I know this work will mean more to me. I know it’s well aligned to my strengths and to my acquired and tested skills. I know it will both fuel and be fuelled by my passions and inspirations. I know I believe deeply in why more of me exists, its objectives and who it’s for. It represents me living my purpose, yet it’s not about me.

The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own

Celebrating with you

It’s not that I now live vicariously through others, but helping my clients as they strive for and realise their own more, see more of their possibilities and bring them to fruition, is, in a way, a victory for me, too. I won’t seek to highjack your agenda or your life, or steal your glory, nor a huge chunk of your wallet. But as you begin to reach your more, I’ll be smiling almost as gleefully as you’ll be!


Who am I?


Coaching aside, I’m a life-long exercise junky and I spend a lot of time reading and researching, mostly in social sciences which major in the field of positive psychology. I marked my recent 60th birthday in great heart and health.  

My family life is a blessing to me. My wife, Beth, and I have a great partnership and have been married for 38 years. We’ve two adult children who we love to bits. I’m a happy ‘work in progress’ and the good news for you in that is that, by definition, you find me at my best (so far, anyhow)!

My life and career to date has been so colourful, that many, many times I’ve had to pinch myself just to check I wasn’t dreaming. I’ve had so many great opportunities, working and enjoying success in several professional streams.

My varied career has seen me and my family live in four countries and I’ve ‘worked’ in over 30. I’ve enjoyed the somewhat artificial but still exciting experience of travelling the globe, sometimes ‘commuting’ to work in a Gulfstream jet. Then, 10 years later, as CEO of a charity, I’ve had to scrounge accommodation off my mates and cousins, because I didn’t want to spend precious donor money on hotels!

I’ve run various training workshops in the shadows of the Eiffel tower, Big Ben, Vatican City, the Shanghai Pearl Tower, the Empire State Building and other amazing spots, but then, back to Earth, I’ve run low-cost events in far more humble and ‘real’ venues.

I’ve stood for 12-hour shifts running kilometres of sheep’s intestines though my hands. I’ve had to break some hearts in my former corporate life and had mine broken and healed again, when working with the wonderful, wholehearted young people (living with cancer) at CanTeen NZ.

It has been my tremendous good fortune in the 37 years of my career to date to have worked with literally thousands of respected colleagues and to have learned lessons from most of them. I will be eternally grateful to them.

Change and a constant have made me ready


Change has been a regular feature of my life. I’ve grown through the many adventures I’ve chosen when moving between countries, cultures, industries and professions. My personal journey has proved the immense value of living with a propensity to say “yes” to opportunity in its many guises. 

I’ve summarised my credentials in bullet points in the next section, but if I were to say in one sentence how my life and work has prepared me to offer you the more of me service, it would be this:

“I’ve enjoyed and learned from a wide breadth of context and content in my career, but the depth, regardless of what it said on my business card, has always been in people.”

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