David L Pearce

I’m hugely moved by witnessing the culminating podium moments of others. I always have been. There are very few sights I enjoy more. As a coach and trusted pit crew member, it’s been an absolute privilege to play some part in enabling those tear-in-the-eye times. 


Our Manifesto

Our manifesto declares we stand for the people we serve. No surprises there. We make promises we intend to keep. We share our values and beliefs and the sources of our inspiration. It’s a document that we’re sincere about and which we hope renders us transparent to our clients and community. 



More of me founder David Pearce has a wealth of experience as a senior HR professional both here in New Zealand and in a number of overseas roles.  He’s led the work of multinational organisations in the key areas of employee engagement, internal communication and mid-career recruitment. He’s a qualified strengths coach and much more. 


“Attending the COMPASS workshop and committing time to understanding my values, strengths and what I stand for provided clarity to me about my direction. David facilitates with focus and flexibility allowing everyone to get what they need from the session. Having assurance and depth about what I want to contribute allowed me to express myself with authenticity in my recent successful job interview.”


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