Let’s just check where we’re at now.

On the home page, we said that two big questions underpinned our more of me model:

who am I? AND who am I becoming?

The expert in me module addresses the first question, WHO AM I? The more compass module isolates what is most meaningful and important to you, and it prompts your vision and goals for yourself. Your more compass therefore effectively provides your WHY? 

Now, building on the my focus found process, the following three modules (which we have termed more outcomes) are about the question WHO AM I BECOMING? We believe that our becoming is substantially, if not completely, about choices. 

More outcomes is about taking action on the changes we both want and feel the need to make in our lives. Your agenda dictates the scope of this change. Do you want to actively experiment? Do you want to have an adventure and see how you might stretch within the range of your authenticity? Or do you seek to be more complete? What is more to you?

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More Work

We all have different expectations for and from our work. Yet, for many of us, work is an area of our lives in which we spend a lot of time and harvest too few meaningful rewards.

We shouldn’t suspend all ambition in our work, and nor should we allow it to be a place of continued personal compromise. To us, more work is: Where the best in you meets the best work for you.

How do I get paid to be me?
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More Life

Living our more is to thrive as we explore our possibilities. Living with ambition, courage and joy.

Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.