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As we grow as individuals, we have more to offer the world around us. The benefits of growth (of moving towards your more) are compounded and multiplied if you dare to share them.

If we are truly smart about our progress, it can become a win/win for—and with—those near us. Our talents are gifts to be shared and, by sharing them, we open ourselves to the opportunities that sharing other’s gifts may in turn present to us. It’s a virtuous and rewarding cycle. An upward spiral.

So, what does sharing our more look like?

Sharing our more takes many forms and each form will benefit you and those you share with. Here are some examples:

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Using your influence positively

Would you say that you’re an influential person? The truth is, we all are. Every interaction we have with another person has an impact on them and their emotional state. It’s either a positive influence or a negative one—it’s never neutral. This gives us all an enormous opportunity: the chance to make people’s day a bit brighter, in small ways or large. 

The great news is that it’s not that hard to share our more with others. We simply have to  focus our attention. You can do this by being fully present when you talk to people and by noticing them. Don’t take out your own angst on others. Share your smiles and words of encouragement generously. You have plenty more where they came from. Give it a try and watch what happens.

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Putting your hand up

Have the confidence to take the lead, back yourself to go first. Proudly show what you have to offer—your talent, skills, knowledge, energy, resources, ideas and motivation. Don’t wait to be totally ready. Remember, the world is run by those that turn up.

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Thinking collaboration

We can achieve more when we join forces and work towards a common purpose with those who need what we have and have what we need. Individually, we can achieve some great things, but we can’t be great at everything alone. Together, we just might be.

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Thinking WIIFM and WIIFO concurrently

When we consider the “what’s in it for me?” (WIIFM) question, it’s smart to consider “what’s in it for others” (WIIFO) at the same time. When we add the magical-three-letter word “and,” it has the power to change our perspective. Different solutions to problems emerge from and-thinking. New courses of action, ones we had not previously considered, come to the surface. Just as with collaboration thinking, when we think WIIFM and WIIFO, the scope and scale of potential outcomes gets much bigger.

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Supporting and encouraging others who strive

To reach for our more requires acts of strength and vulnerability. Having the support of those who recognise our journey and our struggles sustains our resolve and courage. We have the power to do this for each other. We just have to choose it.

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Taking help when you need it

Sharing goes two ways. It’s not weakness to admit when we need help and to take it. It’s actually a strength in its own right. In fact, others tend to feel more comfortable around us when we leave room for their contribution and don’t pretend to be ‘super people’.

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Recognising and celebrating differences

What makes others different from us is just as important and, ultimately, as valuable as what we have in common with them. We are more for our differences, not less. Respecting and enjoying this diversity empowers ourselves and others to be the unique people we were all born to be. In this way, we give each other the freedom to raise our game when we don’t just seek the ‘same’.

A call to sharing action

How is your propensity for sharing? We’ve developed a simple tool called how’s my sharing? which will help you gauge your current state. In the era of the ‘selfie’ and social media, it seems many of us will share the minutiae of our daily lives, but how good are we at sharing the stuff that has real value?

We want to share this tool with you, pun intended. Once you’ve tried it, you might choose to have a coaching session on what you find.

To get a PDF version of this tool just send an email to

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Time required to complete the 'How’s my sharing' tool

1 Hour

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Optional Coaching time:

30 mins – 1 hour